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February 22, 2002

New Flash plug-in beta + Flash and Mac IE POST bug


Today we have news on a release candidate for the Flash 6 plug-in (test your sites now or forever hold your peace), a link to a Flash 6 beta known bugs list maintained by FlashCoders, and a report on problems with Flash loadVariables() and XML.send() when using POST method on IE for Mac (OS 9 & OS X).


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February 15, 2002

Flash 6 Beta posted

Hope everyone had a happy v-day, but put away those candy kisses and chocolates, it's time to get ready for Flash 6.

The word on the street is that Macromedia will announce and possibly release the official version on March 4th. Macromedia pushed out a public developers beta at the end of January, and for a week or so the beta was available for download to anyone who came to the regular Flash download area. A Very Bad Idea(tm) that was eventually fixed after an uproar in the Flash developer community.

Flash 6 beta released 1.31.2001 for Win/Mac (including OS X):

The first thing you need to do is to make sure your Flash sites work with the new beta. Chances are your Flash detection scripts are failing to account for versions newer than 5 -- I've hit several sites already that didn't recognize the Flash 6 plug-in and prompted me to upgrade. ;)

Macromedia has thoughtfully provided new Flash 6 Deployment Kits (Mac, Win).

Should you see any problems with your existing Flash installations or the deployment kits, I implore you to submit a bug report.

Here's a fairly non-informative Flash 6 beta FAQ.

Ok, now for the fun stuff -- what's new in Flash 6?

Once you've installed the Flash 6 beta, check out the contextual menu selection "Settings..." by control-click-and-hold on a Flash movie and choosing that selection. Looks like Flash 6 has capabilities for handling audio and video input, and also allows control over a local content storage cache.

One developer noticed and reported that Flash 6 allows the on the fly loading of .jpg files:

Another enterprising sleuth took a look at the beta plug-in with a hex editor and extracted the following new ActionScript terms (below). I'd warn that Macromedia has a history of adding features that don't make the final cut, usually because the feature had problems or that they ran out of time to sufficiently test the feature. It's fun to speculate, and in any event, we should all find out next month.

New Flash 6 ActionScript ?:


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Flash 6 penetration prediction

A couple Flash version penetration comments by Macromedians on the Flasher list.

"Regarding penetration stats: The Flash 4 Player is over 90%, the Flash 5 Player is over 80%. Based on runrates, we expect for the Flash 6 Player to have at least 75% coverage of internet connected personal computers within just 12 months. We hope to go faster."

-David Mendels

"For penetration, the adoption rate has *accelerated* with each version. That's the nature of a successful web technology. The Macromedia Flash Player 5 reached majority consumer viewership within six months of its release... although the March'01 numbers are no longer online, you can still get a sense of this acceleration here."

-John Dowdell

Keep in mind that a "majority consumer viewership" starts at 51%. ;)

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February 1, 2002


ok, so this infogift blog archive idea thing has been floating in the back of my head for some time now. After prototyping MovableType on my TiBook and then heroically (more or less) struggling with making the toolset work properly on the Cobalt server, I think I've finally got it up and running. So let's cross our fingers and see how this all pans out, shall we?

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