July 8, 2002

New Flash Player Beta


Macromedia has released a new developer-only beta build update of the Flash 6 plug-in/ActiveX control. Probably a good idea to test your Flash content now and report back any issues to Macromedia before they release this puppy to the public. The beta purportedly fixes a number of problems, including the issue where Flash 6 movies would print backwards and upside down when printed from PC Internet Explorer 5.0 and earlier. Check the release notes for the nitty gritty.

From Macromedia's Mike Chambers:
New Flash Player Beta

We have released a new Flash Player beta, codenamed Airwolf. This is a developer only beta, and we are making it available it order to get any feedback or issues from the developer community. There is only a small turn time on this tech beta so your feedback in a quick and timely manner is much appreciated.

You can download the beta here.

Username : betabits
Password : flex475

New features / fixes include:

* Masking Device Fonts
* Accessing ID3 properties in MP3 files with the Airwolf Player
* Flash scriptability (XPCom/LiveConnect) support for Netscape
* Text fields are now more efficient and consume less memory
* Intel P4 optimizations

For more information on further bug fixes please consult the release notes.

Bug reports should be sent to [email protected].

Update (07.03.02) : The standalone, authorand debug players are not included in the beta, but will be available with the final release.

Posted by Lewis Francis at July 8, 2002 12:19 AM
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