September 3, 2002

Flash 6.0r47 debugger available

Macromedia has released the Flash 6.0r50 (Mac/Win) Standalone players, Test Movie players, and Debugger players compatible with the Flash 6.0r47 plug-ins, recently pushed out to address the Macromedia Flash URL Modification Issue.

Flash MX developers will want to install these if they wish to make projectors that incorporate the latest security and bug fixes, or if they need to remotely debug Flash applications running in a browser that has the Flash 6.0r47 plug-in.

From the release notes:
The Release versions of the Plugin and ActiveX control installers are version 6,0,47,0. All other players (Standalone players, Test Movie players, and all Debug players) are version 6,0,50,0. Versions 6,0,47,0 and 6,0,50,0 are functionally identical.

Posted by Lewis Francis at September 3, 2002 9:52 PM
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