September 20, 2002

Free Image Export Xtra

Werner Sharp, the person responsible for Director's Imaging Lingo, bestower of alpha channels, quads, and other fun imaging toys to the Director toolset, has generously released as donationware his Sharp Export Xtra.

This free xtra for Director 7 and up allows member exporting in the following formats: BMP(Win-only), PICT(Mac-only), or the crossplatform PNG and JPG formats.

In the same spirit of open cooperation, Alex da Franca has made available for download a couple handlers to get you started working with the xtra:

sharpExport -- to export a single member or imageObject sharpExportSelection -- to export the castlib selection

The xtra is not Shockwave-safe, probably due at least in part to the costs of the required certificates from Verisign, which would be prohibitive for a free product, and the additional work it might require from a security perspective, and so its use is restricted to projector implementations.

Very cool stuff -- these guys should be commended for their continuing contributions to the Director developer community.

Posted by Lewis Francis at September 20, 2002 11:42 AM

I should note that Werner thanks Foster Langbein
at Forest Interactive for making the Mac version happen. Now we know who to bug when the OS X version of Director comes out. ;)

Posted by: Lewis Francis at September 27, 2002 5:41 PM
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