September 27, 2002

Win IE 6 SP1 Released

Better late than never—Microsoft released the PC IE 6 SP1 update on September 9th. Just like the more recent Mac browser updates, security and stability fixes mark this release.

I don't see anything in the mile-long fix list that will impact current designs, but there are plenty of closed bugs that no doubt caused some hair-pulling among developers. I've listed a few worth noting, some of which also existed in earlier IE 5.x releases.

Some interesting fixed bugs in Win IE 6 SP1:

  • NTLM Authentication Over an SSL Connection Does Not Work in Internet Explorer 6
  • Internet Explorer Calculates the Web Page Window Size Incorrectly
  • Back Navigation on POST Causes Re-POST in Internet Explorer 6
  • 100 Percent CPU Utilization When You Use DHTML to Add Cells to a Table
  • Internet Explorer Does Not Set a Cookie for Two-Letter Domains
  • Internet Explorer May Lose the First 2,048 Bytes of Data That Are Sent Back from a Web Server That Uses HTTP Compression
  • Internet Explorer File Downloads Over SSL Do Not Work with the "No-Cache" Header
  • Posted by Lewis Francis at September 27, 2002 4:08 PM
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