November 18, 2002

Got Gaps?

Linked off of A List Apart's Better Living though XHTML, is Eric Meyer’s Tables, Images, and Mysterious Gaps, the best explanation I've seen of the image-spacing problem that crops up with early Mozilla and Netscape 6.x browsers. Finding these issues late in the game often means that you'll need to use the most expedient method to fix the problem, which is to strip DTDs from your pages. Ideally, though, we'd find solutions using fine-tuned CSS—this doc outlines various approaches to doing just that.

Posted by Lewis Francis at November 18, 2002 10:41 PM

saw you on demagnetized after months of not going there, hit the link to your profile, and...presto!

things are going okay here. i'm a full-time baltimoron now...something i should have done years ago. i'm sharing a huge victorian with a friend (something one can only do in baltimore), thinking of buying a house of my own, and talking about starting an industrial band. still working as a cf developer for hopkins, where i couldn't be happier.

anyway, hope everything is well with the wife, kids, job, etc. feel free to write me at failuretothrive at failuretothrive dot org.


Posted by: Wendy at November 22, 2002 1:35 PM
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