December 17, 2002

Director MX Dev Center

Today in a cross-post to Director developer lists, Macromedia's Bob Tartar announced the new Director MX Application Development Center. Looks like a good range of material written by some respected figures in the Director development community.

I'm still spending time browsing the articles, but I very much enjoyed John Dowdell's historical perspective on Director in The Third Channel of Delivery for Your MX Work.

Posted by Lewis Francis at December 17, 2002 12:07 AM

Subject: [X-Post] Introducing the Director MX Application Development Center

Hello everyone,

Today the Macromedia Designer & Developer Center introduces the new "Director MX Application Development Center." To support the Director MX launch, we are featuring all kinds of new articles and tutorials about working with Director. And, we've added new content to the other Development Centers as well.

Macromedia Designer & Developer Center:

Director MX Application Development Center
Director joins the Macromedia MX family.

New tutorials and articles
Dynamic Run-time Linking to External Media with Director MX
Joe Sparks
Joe Sparks explains how to use Lingo to import and manipulate external files on the fly with Director MX.

Director MX Video Tutorials
Mark Fletcher
Watch and learn how to use Director MX features such as accessibility behaviors, Lingo control, and improved debugging.

Director MX: Professional-Strength Multimedia for Industrial-Strength Projects
Rob Burgess
Use the right tool for the job. Rob Burgess examines the role of Director MX in Macromedia history-and in the future.

Publishing Video with Director MX and Flash Communication Server MX
Jay Armstrong and Tom Higgins
Use Lingo and Flash objects to publish and receive live video broadcasts.

Director MX and Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX
John Taylor
Create multiuser Director MX applications the modern way.

Director Extreme: Interface and Workflow Improvements in Director MX
Gary Rosenzweig
Get your job done faster in the Macromedia MX environment.

Logged In: Introducing Director MX
Miriam Geller
Multimedia just got better than ever. Check out all the new features in Director MX.

JD's Forum: The Third Channel of Delivery for Your MX Work
John Dowdell
Text, web interfaces, and stand-alone apps each have their own unique distribution advantages.

Generating Perlin Noise with Director MX
Andrew Phelps
Use Lingo and ActionScript code to create image effects in Director MX with Perlin noise.

Using the Fireworks MX Import Xtra to Export to Director MX
Follow these instructions to bring your Fireworks graphics into the Director authoring environment.

Top Ten Reasons to Use Director MX
Count the ways that Director MX can help you build your next project.

Comparing Director MX and Macromedia Flash
Both tools have unique strengths and advantages. Find the right balance for your project.

Making Director Movies Accessible
George Brown, Jay Armstrong and Kraig Mentor
Learn how to ensure that all users can access your Director application.

Retrofitting Director MX Content for Accessibility
Laura Keen
Share your content with everyone.

Bob Tartar
Macromedia Developer Relations

Posted by: Lewis Francis at December 17, 2002 12:25 AM

Yes, a great resource

Posted by: buscadores at March 16, 2003 7:40 AM
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