March 3, 2003

Flash 6.0r79 Player Released

Today Macromedia released a unified Flash 6.0r79 update today for Mac/OS X, Win, and Linux. The release notes describe or link to information on security and bug fixes along with performance enhancements to live video/audio streams served via Macromedia's Flash Communication Server.

Flash MX authors should also download and install the Flash 6 Player Update (Mac/Win) as the security and bug fixes should be of use in network-aware stand-alone projects as well as those targeted for the web.

I'm hoping that these enhancements allow Mac OS X-based users longer FlashCom video connection times; my experience so far with the previous release has PC-based clients running all day with OS X clients freezing and dropping connections after only a few minutes. Pressing demands have prevented me from exploring this further—I'd appreciate any insight or shared experiences any of you would like to offer.

Posted by Lewis Francis at March 3, 2003 10:14 PM

Interestingly enough, the known issues section of the release notes declare that the "nonstandard architecture" of Mac OS X prevents the Flash installer from properly installing to the OS X versions of AOL and Compuserve, and describes a workaround where you manually copy the plug-in to "your browser's plug-in folder".


While I can't attest for Compuserve, AOL for OS X works fine with the 6.0r79 installer and the previous OS X compatible installers, all of which install to the "standard" OS X plugins directory at /Library/Internet Plug-ins/.

Not quite sure what Macromedia is trying to address in this section; perhaps the problem is really in the modifying of the Geckoized AOL/Compuserve OS X clients in order to send accept header functionality introduced in 6.0r65/67/69?

Posted by: Lewis Francis at March 4, 2003 12:25 AM

tx again for the info Lewis

Posted by: buscadores at March 16, 2003 2:56 PM
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