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May 21, 2007

CS3 Flash Player Update; Issues

Last month Adobe posted an update of the Flash Player (, Mac/Win) that slipped under my radar. The update is needed for compatibility with certain types of Adobe Flash CS3-authored content. The skinny: If you use the affected areas of Flash CS3 functionality, you'll need to update your users to the latest Flash Player.

From the Adobe Flash Player 9 Release Notes doc:
The following issues will appear in previous versions of Flash Player 9 when viewing content created with Flash CS3 Professional:

  • New ActionScript 3.0 components for Flash CS3 Professional do not function correctly in versions prior to Flash Player
  • Runtime Shared Libraries (RSLs) exported for ActionScript 3.0 generate a runtime security error. (195395)
  • Display objects instantiated by the playhead entering a frame because of a gotoAndStop command (or similar action) incorrectly process actions on frame one. (189490)
  • flash.text.TextField.getCharBoundaries returns a rectangle that is offset to the left by 2 pixels for fields that are created using the Flash CS3 Professional text tool. (193249)

Emmy Huang's blog has more detail with context and links to the relevant tech notes.

Flash Player also reportedly has a new installation behavior for Win Mozilla-based browsers; instead of seeking out and installing to each installed browser's plug-ins folder, the FP 9.0r45 installer places the files in a central location and adds a registry entry such browsers may use to find the plug-in.

It's not immediately obvious if older Mozilla browsers will be compatible with the new update, but it does suggest changes for testers -- more on this once I've had some time to work with the new system.

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