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July 13, 2007

Won't You Be My IP Neighbor?

Unless your site has special requirements or enjoys high traffic, the most cost-effective hosting solution is often a shared web server. Ever wonder how many sites your shared server handles? While your hosting company may not be forthcoming with such information, myipneighbors.com allows you to find and browse your shared server neighbors.

Running a query on threespot.com, which is hosted on a Media Temple Grid server, returns 22 other sites, one of which I noticed was a Digg home page item today; doesn't appear to have affected the grid's performance...

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July 10, 2007

Critical Flash Player Security Update

Adobe Flash Player was released today to address what Adobe characterizes as a critical security issue:

An input validation error has been identified in Flash Player and earlier versions that could lead to the potential execution of arbitrary code. This vulnerability could be accessed through content delivered from a remote location via the user’s web browser, email client, or other applications that include or reference the Flash Player.


BTW, doesn't look like the prerelease of Flash Player 9 Update 3 ( has been updated, so if you are testing the public beta, you might want to limit your testing to trusted content until these security measures can be rolled into a new beta build.

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